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The BioCollect mobile app allows you to record data for your project (or other projects) in the field on your device of choice. It uses the device features such as the camera, clock and GPS to improve usability and data recording efficiency in the field. You can also use the web app in a browser on your mobile device.

The BioCollect apps published by the ALA are provided as free generic mobile apps and will not support specific configuration or look & feel requirements, but you can develop your own app and link it to a BioCollect project.

CREATE your project in BioCollect – DOWNLOAD the app – RECORD your data – SHARE your data

NOTE: The generic BioCollect app is currently only available for citizen science projects.

Positive feedback is welcomed via the app store.

For constructive suggestions on improvements or new features, we welcome your feedback via

For developers

Get the BioCollect Apple iOS mobile app code from GitHub.

Get the BioCollect Android mobile app code from GitHub.

Use it as a foundation for your own app.

ALA APIs. Use ALA features and functions in your own websites and mobile apps.

Contact us for details on BioCollect APIs.

Features & benefits

  • Android and Apple iOS versions.
  • Automatic data upload to the BioCollect database.
  • Access all of your projects from the one app.
  • Forms automatically adjust to the size and orientation of the device.
  • Integrated device tools (GPS, camera, etc.) for data recording.
  • GPS-based search – projects near me or specified location.
  • One place to view all your sightings.
  • Offline storage.
  • Explore species by location.​

Planned future enhancements

  • Record data off-line (coming in 2020)
  • Transects with waypoint recording
  • Audio recording
  • UI/UX improvements

Use your own mobile app with BioCollect

Some organisations need specialised apps for particular projects:

  • Are you developing your own mobile app, but need a robust, supported database which allows you to easily share your data? BioCollect supports this.
  • Fast-track your custom app development and reduce costs by using the BioCollect open source code to get you started. Source code is available on the ALA GitHub site.
  • Link your app to your BioCollect project for a supported database solution.

Contact us for more information